Nominate a Progressive Champion on your ballot


  • Support innovative, progressive policies to make New Mexico a more equal, responsive and prosperous state for New Mexicans of all backgrounds
  • Demonstrate a connection to the people they represent, not special interests
  • Support voter participation in a fair system, workers rights, women’s healthcare and equal rights for all.

and where our programs can bring impact that helps progressives win.

If you know of a candidate who meets those standards (or if you are a candidate yourself), tell us about the candidate and race and we’ll consider including them in our Progressive Champions profiles!

What’s in it for candidates named a Progressive Champion?

  • First, bragging rights!


  • Social media blasts from our PAC to progressive voters statewide
  • Social media shareable graphics for Facebook and Twitter to announce the endorsement
  • Profiled at

Do candidates get money from your PAC?
No. Our PAC is an “independent expenditure” PAC meaning we don’t coordinate or fund candidates for office.  Instead, we evaluate races where progressives are under attack and fight back by correcting the record through direct voter contact.  We also share our endorsement with voters in the district and encourage them to get out and vote for progressive change!
Want to tell us about a Progressive Champion on your ballot?  Fill out this quick form.