Trump: “They don’t look like Indians to me.” State Representative Sharon Clahchischilliage refuses to denounce Trump.


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Donald Trump mocked the disabled and bragged about assaulting women.


And Sharon Clahchischilliage endorsed Trump anyway



Trump called Native Americans he was competing against in the gaming business criminals and said “these people sure don’t look like Indians to me”


And Sharon Clahchischilliage not only didn’t denounce him, she endorsed Trump.


Trump “Claimed That Indian Reservations Had Fallen Under Mob Control” And “Portrayed Members Of A Tribe In Upstate New York As Cocaine Traffickers And Career Criminals.” According to the Washington Post, “Donald Trump claimed that Indian reservations had fallen under mob control. He secretly paid for more than $1 million in ads that portrayed members of a tribe in Upstate New York as cocaine traffickers and career criminals.” [Washington Post, 7/25/16]



[Washington Post, 7/25/16]


A Native American leader called Trump’s comments, quote demeaning and racist, unquote.



Rick Hill, Former Chairman Of The National Indian Gaming Association On Trump: “It’s Just Not Appropriate; It’s Demeaning And It’s Racist.” According to the Washington Post, “The comments offended Native Americans across the country, said Rick Hill, who at the time was chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association, a nonprofit group that lobbied government officials on behalf of tribes. ‘The same thing goes through my head now when I hear him,’ Hill said. ‘It’s just not appropriate; it’s demeaning and it’s racist.’” [Washington Post, 7/25/16]


It’s clear, Sharon Clahchischilliage has betrayed us. She endorsed Trump and signed on to help him as co-chair of his Native American coalition.


Clahchischilliage Was A Member Of “The Leadership Of Donald Trump’s Newly-Announced Native American Coalition.” According to the NM Political Report, “A New Mexico state representative is among the leadership of Donald Trump’s newly-announced Native American coalition. Four New Mexicans are part of the group, but the biggest name is Sharon Clachischilliage, a state representative from Kirtland.” [NM Political Report, 10/31/16]
But Sharon Clahchischilliage has always lacked moral courage.


She’s been accused of bullying her employees and forcing them to resign.


Clahchischilliage Was Accused Of “Malicious Interrogation” Of Employees That Forced Them To Resign. The Navajo Times reported, “The workers said Johnson, who was supported by Shirley for a position in the Washington office, and Curtis, who worked for two years at the Navajo Department of Justice before transferring to the Washington office, were forced to resign after repeated ‘malicious interrogation’ by Clahchischilliage.” [Navajo Times, 11/13/03]


Clahchischilliage Was Accused Of Improperly Hiring Non-Navajo Employees And Angrily Confronting Two Navajo Employees In Front Of Non-Native Employees. The Navajo Times reported, “Council Delegate Wallace Charley (Shiprock), in a Nov. 3 interview, said four delegates brought up concerns involving Clahchischilliage’s hiring of non-Navajos at the Washington office. Charley said those concerns apparently got Clahchischilliage upset because she called a staff meeting at Denny’s in St. Michaels and ‘really went after’ two Navajo employees in front of three non-Navajo employees that evening (Oct. 20).” [Navajo Times, 11/13/03]


Clahchischilliage “Came Under Fire In The [Navajo] Council For Terminating Three Long-Time Staffers” In 2003. The Navajo Times reported, “Sharon Clahchischilliage, Washington office director, came under fire in the council for terminating three long-time staffers last year.” [Navajo Times, 9/2/04]


And her own campaign staff accused her of illegal personal use of campaign funds.


Clahchischilliage’s Campaign Manager And Other Aides Quit With A Week Left To Go Over Allegations She Was Misusing Campaign Funds. The Associated Press reported, “She spent the last week before the election with only one campaign worker after her campaign manager and two other staff members quit over what she called ‘philosophical issues.’ Her former campaign manager Mark Wilson met with Vigil-Giron and alleged Clahchischilliage had misused campaign funds. No official complaints were filed. Clahchischilliage said before the election that she has nothing to hide and would be willing to make her books available for inspection.” [AP, 11/6/02]


Clahchischilliage Said Ex-Campaign Staff Who Accused Her Of Misusing Campaign Funds Were “Disgruntled Employees” Who “Don’t Want Me To Win This Election.” The Albuquerque Journal reported, “The Republican candidate for secretary of state said Tuesday that former members of her campaign staff are trying to damage her candidacy by alleging she misused campaign contributions. ‘There is no improper use of campaign funds none,’ Sharon Clahchischilliage said Tuesday in a telephone interview. ‘These are disgruntled employees, and it’s clear to me they don’t want me to win this election.’” [Albuquerque Journal, 10/30/02]


Clahchischilliage’s Campaign Manager – Her 2nd Of The Campaign – Quit, Informing GOP Officials He “Did Not Want My Name Associated With Illegal Or Unethical Behavior.” The Albuquerque Journal reported, “Questions arose about Clahchischilliage’s campaign after Mark Wilson, her second campaign manager, resigned earlier this month. Wilson sent state GOP officials an e-mail saying he was quitting because he did not want ‘my name associated with illegal or unethical behavior.’” [Albuquerque Journal, 10/30/02]


Clahchischilliage’s Former Finance Director And Scheduler Separately Accused Her Of Using Campaign Funds To Pay For Personal Expenditures. The Albuquerque Journal reported, “Dianne Torrance, Clahchischilliage’s former finance director, and Tiffany Brazil, Clahchischilliage’s former scheduler, alleged in separate telephone interviews that Clahchischilliage had spent campaign contributions on personal expenditures.” [Albuquerque Journal, 10/30/02]


Clahchischilliage’s Campaign Manager Accused Her Of Unspecified Issues With Handling Her Campaign Contributions. The Albuquerque Journal reported, “Wilson did not detail any alleged behavior in the e-mail, but he told the Journal last week he was concerned about how Clahchischilliage was handling her campaign contributions. Wilson said he had not filed a formal complaint with the state attorney general or secretary of state. Two other former staff members of Clahchischilliage’s campaign subsequently contacted the Journal to support Wilson’s allegations.” [Albuquerque Journal, 10/30/02]


Like Trump, Sharon Clahchischilliage does what’s right for her and betrays us.


This November, say no to State Representative Sharon Clahchischilliage and yes to a Democrat. Because one Trump is enough.


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