Susana’s favorite “Democratic” candidate…Wait, what?

Governor Susana Martinez is at it again. She has sent her top donors to rescue “Democratic” Representative Carl Trujillo’s campaign with late attack ads.

In yesterday’s campaign finance filings, we learned about the super PAC New Mexico Strong. New Mexico Strong is funded solely by $224,250 from Chevron and $50,000 from Mack Energy – oil and gas companies that are among Susana’s most favorite and largest donors.  

Sound familiar? It should. In 2012, Susana did the same thing, coming in late with attack mailers to save Carl’s campaign when he was first elected into office, funded again by two large oil companies, including Mack Energy.

It is clear that Susana’s favorite candidate is Carl Trujillo because Carl has always been friendly to Republican causes, like oil and gas and corporate tax breaks.

But even before we learned about yesterday’s filings, we’ve known that Trujillo was in the pocket of Big Energy companies. At the beginning of May, the Santa Fe New Mexican published an article with the following examination of his donors:

A review of state campaign finance records shows the majority of the $100,290 Trujillo has raised comes from big legislative players who are often thought of as power-brokers, including oil and gas company Devon Energy and telecommunications giant CenturyLink. Showing up in his reports are a “who’s who” list of professional lobbyists, as well as contributions from other legislators and political action committees.

Now more than ever, we need to come together as real Democrats and stop Susana from taking over a Democratic primary with oil and gas money. Voters will have to decide this Tuesday if they’re going to back an accused sexual harasser who takes HUGE amounts of money from Big Oil and GOP PACs, or someone dedicated to moving New Mexico forward.