Primaries matter! 2018 primary guide

New Mexico is poised to become one of the most progressive states in the country in 2018. After 8 years of disastrous “leadership” from Susana Martinez and her Republican agenda, it’s time to move New Mexico forward.

But there’s been some Democrats in the House that have their fair share of bad policy and outright shocking behavior that should preclude them from serving any longer as well. With that in mind, ProgressNow New Mexico is proud to endorse two outstanding candidates in this year’s primaries that would make excellent leaders in the Roundhouse next year.

Susan Herrera for House District 41

As the former head of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Herrera brings years of experience to a seat that should be a powerhouse of progressive values. Read more about Herrera’s views here:



Andrea Romero for House District 46

A longtime advocate for progressive values, Romero brings institutional knowledge of real-world problems ranging from food security to advancing New Mexico’s energy sector into the 21st century. Read more about Romero’s views here: