City Council District 5 Candidate

William Fuller 





Registered as a Republican 

Endorsements by community groups

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Occupation: Stay-at-home-dad

Facebook: WilliamFullerForLasCrucesCityCouncilDistrict5

Website: None

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What they have to say about themselves:

I am running for City Council District 5, I believe that the people of Las Cruces need a say in how the City is ran and A choice on the ballot. I am 49 y.o. and have three kids and The Husband of one wife. Two of my kids are Homeschooled. I am not a politician and I am not someone who has all the answers. I am not someone who “knows” how to be a politician nor am I someone who has a plan for all the issues facing our Great City. I am just a regular person who wants to help this community. I do not believe that any issue the city has will be solved by one person–it will take all the council and the community to solve the issues.