Disgusting new ads in APS races preview Tea Party takeover of APS board

In 2015, Governor Martinez used her personal Super-PAC, “Susana PAC,” to fund more than $15,000 in contributions, robocalls and attack ads against an APS school board member who had been critical of Martinez’s (failed) education policies.  The Gov’s Tea Party candidate won.

That candidate became the lead voice against new APS rules protecting LGBT students and families from bullying and discrimination.

She even helped amplify a fake news campaign firing up Tea Party voters against the “sick… perverted… and politically correct” rules required by federal anti-discrimination laws.

As a couple of New Mexico’s few openly-gay elected officials, this kind of attack hits home so we’re asking you to help us fight back.

APS elections are just 3 weeks away and our Tea Party is targeting four more seats – enough to give them a majority on the APS board – and the tactics they are using are right out of the national Tea Party playbook.

— In 2013 in Colorado, the local Tea Party elected 3 new members as part of a wave of conservative “reformers” taking over Colorado school boards. They formed a majority on the five-member Jefferson County School Board.
During their two years in office, “they imposed merit pay, diverted public-school funds to charter companies, and tried to make the curriculum more “patriotic.” (Labor Notes News)

— In North Carolina, the election of four Tea Party conservatives to the Wake County school board led to a 2010 vote abolishing long-standing school integration measures, and other major changes are expected.

— In May 2010, the [Tea Party-majority] Texas state board of education (SBOE) was garnering national attention as it considered – and eventually approved –  new social standards that were designed to neutralize the perceived liberal bias in the teaching of U.S. history.


Don’t believe that can happen here? Just check out their ads:

APS Tea Party Candidates

In District 7, Brian Tierney is the Vice President of the Albuquerque Chapter of the Tea Party.
In District 5, Kayla Marshall’s campaign is managed by an active Tea Party member. Her literature speaks about her opposition to the transgender policy – calling it harmful.
In District 3, Ali Ennenga talks about “reinstating the Role Model Policy” – which is vague, coded language.
In District 6, Doug Brown wants education to not focus on “political correctness”

They are running board members of the Albuquerque Tea Party, promising to roll back required anti-discrimination laws and using fake news to fire up the right-wing base they need to fire up.

The good news is that there are four terrific candidates running – endorsed by educators, labor and each running strong campaigns (Incumbents Lorenzo Garcia (Dist. 3) and David Peercy (Dist. 7) and running in open seats, Elizabeth Armijo (Dist. 6) and Candy Patterson (Dist. 5).

We’re building a program to contact all of those progressive voters who just helped us take back the State House and turn them out for progressive champions on the APS ballot in just 3 weeks.   With your help, we’ll send voter guides outing these Tea Party candidates and highlighting candidates endorsed by people who know education: teachers.


Join the honor roll of progressive donors fighting back against a Tea Party takeover at APS.  Donate today.

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–       Pat Davis and Diane Gibson



Let’s be clear what this is about: “According to a recent report in Education Week, the overall goal of Tea Party politicians in North Carolina and in many other states [including New Mexico] is to establish a “farm team” of conservative leaders at the local level who can then run for state or national office.”