“Why won’t Sharon Stover just say NO to Donald Trump?”

Across the country, we’ve seen Republicans put their communities and country before their party to denounce Donald Trump.

But not candidate for State Representative Sharon Stover.

Trump has pitted one race against another. Smeared groups because of their ethnicity, mocked the disabled and the family of a slain soldier. And yet Stover refuses to denounce him.

Well, like Trump, Stover is fine with dividing our community rather than brining us together. Stover intentionally broke the law by violating a judge’s order to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, forcing a divisive lawsuit that the county lost.

Fact Check: Sharon Stover “Initially Said She Would Refuse To Distribute Marriage Licenses To Gay Couples, Even With A Court Order To Do So.” According to The Advocate, “Sharon Stover of Los Alamos County initially said she would refuse to distribute marriage licenses to gay couples, even with a court order to do so, according to Think Progress. She said the state-issued forms currently say “bride” and “groom,” which is why she is denying the licenses to gay and lesbian couples. “I respect and value the rights of each person to be treated as equally and fairly as an individual as our Constitution states,” she said in a statement. “Clearly, the marriage license in State statute has not been updated since 1961. It does not work for same sex couples, and that is a matter for the legislature to fix, not a Clerk and not a District Judge.” However, after Stover defended her stance in court Wednesday morning, a judge ordered that she must issue the licenses.” [Advocate, 9/4/13]

And despite the success of Los Alamos County’s affordable and clean renewable energy program, Stover led efforts to end it – costing us jobs.

Fact Check: Stover Voted To Table The Property Assessed Clean Energy Plan. According to meeting minutes from the Los Alamos County Council, Stover moved “that Council table the Property Assessed Clean Energy agenda item” because she “believed the timing is not right and wished to keep SF in view as its program progresses.” [Los Alamos County Council, Meeting Minutes, 2/2/10]

Adding insult to injury, Stover pushed through the largest tax increase in Los Alamos’ history.

Fact Check: Los Alamos County Council Approved “A 36 Percent Property Tax Increase” In 2009. According to the Los Alamos Monitor, “. The total levied residential rate increases by 6.141 mills or 36.3 percent and the total levied non-residential rate increases by 6.668 mills or 30.7 percent.” [Los Alamos Monitor, 9/18/09]

Stover Moved To Accept The 2009 Certificate Of Tax Rates & Forward Notification Of Their Adoption To The County Assessor. According to Los Alamos County Council meeting minutes from September 15, 2009, “Councilor Stover moved…that Council adopt the official 2009 Certificate of Tax Rates prepared by the State Department of Finance and Administration, Local Government Division…and forward notification of this adoption to the County Assessor. […] The motion passed 7-0.” [Los Alamos County Council, Meeting Minutes, 9/15/09]

One Donald Trump is bad enough, but Sharon Stover offers us nothing more than divisive politics and tax increases… We don’t need her politics here in Los Alamos.