Progressive Champion Liz Stefanics: State Senate – SD39


Liz Stefanics  serves  on the Santa Fe County Commission. A former member of the New Mexico Senate, she was the first openly LGBT member of the New Mexico legislature, serving a single four-year term that began in January 1993. –

After her first term in the State Senate, Liz served as a deputy secretary of New Mexico’s Human Services Department and advisor to Gov. Richardson on health policy.

Liz has long been a champion of progressive principles, particularly in her role fighting for equality for women and the LGBTQ community.

What is she up against?

Under Governor Martinez, Republican leaders have raised more money from corporate and lobbyist interests than in any other time in New Mexico history.

Only a slim Democratic majority in the State Senate have kept some of the more extreme proposals from the Republican agenda from reaching Governor Martinez’s desk.

A Republican Super-PAC- Advance NM NOW – is already running attack ads against Democratic candidates.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • This one Republican Super PAC reported $1.1 million in cash available to attack Democratic candidates for the 2016 elections – most of that money came from a handful of oil and gas companies and lobbyists, according to the Albuquerque Journal.
  • The man behind this PAC is Gov. Martinez’s campaign manager who was recently investigated by the FBI for using shell companies to hide his involvement in campaigns and fundraising for attack ads
  • Soules opponent is  conservative city counselor Ceil Levatino, who won in the traditionally democratic seat in a competitive three way race. Since she’s been in office she’s voted against a common sense gun control resolution and has been the dissenting vote on other progressive measures the city has voted on.
  • Legation’s husband is a nationally known spokesperson for a number of anti-choice organizations. He has testified a number of times in the Roundhouse against women having a right to abortion and other healthcare options.

Why does this race matter to the rest of New Mexico?
The Democratic control of the state senate has been the only line holding back a tidal wave of regressive bills from becoming law under the Republican control of the House and Martinez in the Governor’s chair.

When the former Democratic State Senator in this district stepped down, Governor Martinez replaced him with a right-wing Republican even though voters had rejected Republican challengers before.

Electing Liz Stefanics helps to secure a Democratic majority in the State Senate and adds a new progressive voice to the fight for working families.

Who else is supporting Liz?

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Who is donating to her campaign?

How can I help?

Progressive Champions PAC is mailing voters in this district our endorsement to help voters identify the progressive champion on their ballot.  Each mailer costs about $2 so your $100 donation puts our candidate’s progressive record in front of 50 new voters before Election Day.

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