Paul Pacheco: Missed 119 votes as our legislator. Still took home full-time legislator pay.

State Representative Paul Pacheco is supposed to be fighting for us in Santa Fe.


But Paul Pacheco didn’t even bother to show up for work. He missed 119 votes, yet he did manage to collect his $28,000 in taxpayer funded per diem.

Total for legislators serving 2013-2014: $13830

Total for legislators serving 2015-2016: $14790

[FOR HD23/ Pacheco: total since first election in 2013, $28,620

Pacheco Missed 97 Votes During The 2015-16 Legislative Session. According to the New Mexico Legislature, Pacheco missed 26 votes during the 2016 legislative session and 71 votes during the 2015 legislative session. [New Mexico Legislature]

Pacheco Missed 22 Votes From 2012-2014. [New Mexico Legislature]

And records show, on the same days he skipped 27 votes, Pacheco still found the time to meet with lobbyists from oil & gas companies.

Paul Pacheco Met With Michael D’Antonio, A Lobbyist For The New Mexico Oil & Gas Association, On March 3, 5, And 18, 2015 At Rio Chama To “Discuss Pending Legislation.” According to the New Mexico Secretary of State, Paul Pacheco met with Michael D’Antonio, a lobbyist for the New Mexico Oil & Gas Association, on March 3, March 5, and March 18, 2015 to “discuss pending legislation.” [New Mexico Secretary of State, accessed 7/13/16; New Mexico Secretary of State, accessed 7/13/16]

3/3/15: Pacheco Was Excused From The House’s Vote On HB 332, A Bill To Reduce Probation Time For Good Behavior. [New Mexico Legislature, HB 332, 3/3/15]

3/5/15: Pacheco Was Absent For A Vote On HB 520, A Bill Extending “The Deduction From Gross Receipts From Transformational Acquisition Programs Performing Research And Development, Test And Evaluation At New Mexico Major Range With” DOD. [New Mexico Legislature, HB 520, 3/5/15]

3/18/15: Pacheco Was Excused From 25 Votes. [New Mexico Legislature, accessed 7/13/16]

Maybe that’s because Pacheco took almost $38,000 in campaign contributions from oil & gas companies.

Pacheco Received $38,775 In Campaign Contributions From Oil & Gas Companies. According to the New Mexico Secretary of State, Pacheco received $38,775 in campaign contributions from oil & gas companies. [New Mexico Secretary of State, accessed 10/13/16]

And, one vote he managed to make, was to prevent local governments from banning fracking in neighborhoods where it isn’t wanted.

Pacheco Voted For HB 366, The Oil And Gas State Preemption During The 2015 Legislative Session. According to the New Mexico State Legislature, Pacheco voted for HB 366, the oil and gas state preemption bill. [New Mexico Legislature, HB 366, 3/10/15]

HB 366 “Would Have Invalidated Any County And Municipality Ordinance Relating To Oil And Gas Law, Including Zoning Ordinances – Removing The Critical Flexibility That Communities Need To Protect The Public Interest On A Local Scale.” According to Conservation New Mexico, “Counties and municipalities have the power to adopt local ordinances that best suit community needs and interests. To date, some communities have passed ordinances restricting certain aspects of oil and gas production in response to concerns of water contamination and health risks. HB 366 would have invalidated any county and municipality ordinance relating to oil and gas law, including zoning ordinances–removing the critical flexibility that communities need to protect the public interest on a local scale.” [Conservation New Mexico, accessed 6/28/16]

HB 366 Would “Limit Local Control And Gives The State Oil Conservation Division And Oil Conservation Commission Exclusive Authority To Regulate Oil And Gas Extraction.” According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, “On a 37-28 vote, the House passed an amended version of House Bill 366, which limits local control and gives the state Oil Conservation Division and Oil Conservation Commission exclusive authority to regulate oil and gas extraction, well siting and processing except on tribal lands.” [Santa Fe New Mexican, 3/10/15]

Pacheco’s record: 119 skipped votes for us, but hard at work for his oil and gas friends.


Paul Pacheco is great at delivering for them, and leaving us with the check.


State Representative Paul Pacheco lacks the character to be our state representative.


This November, send a message to politicians like Paul Pacheco, if you won’t fight for us, we won’t vote for you.


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