Where IS State Rep. Sarah Maestas Barnes?

Republican State Representative Sarah Maestas Barnes just isn’t there for us.

But, she is there for oil & gas companies…

Republican Maestas Barnes took over $46,000 from Oil & Gas companies…

Maestas Barnes Received $46,250 In Campaign Contributions From Oil & Gas Companies. According to the New Mexico Secretary of State, Maestas Barnes has accepted $46,250 in campaign contributions from oil and gas companies. [New Mexico Secretary of State, accessed 10/13/16]

Then she turned around and voted to eliminate local control and to allow fracking wherever those companies want – even in your backyard, without your permission.

barnes-from-la-gop-women-fb-2Maestas Barnes Voted For HB 366, The Oil And Gas State Preemption During The 2015 Legislative Session. According to the New Mexico State Legislature, Maestas Barnes voted for HB 366, the oil and gas state preemption. [New Mexico Legislature, HB 366, 3/10/15]

HB 366 “Would Have Invalidated Any County And Municipality Ordinance Relating To Oil And Gas Law, Including Zoning Ordinances – Removing The Critical Flexibility That Communities Need To Protect The Public Interest On A Local Scale.” According to Conservation New Mexico, “Counties and municipalities have the power to adopt local ordinances that best suit community needs and interests. To date, some communities have passed ordinances restricting certain aspects of oil and gas production in response to concerns of water contamination and health risks. HB 366 would have invalidated any county and municipality ordinance relating to oil and gas law, including zoning ordinances–removing the critical flexibility that communities need to protect the public interest on a local scale.” [Conservation New Mexico, accessed 6/28/16]

HB 366 Would “Limit Local Control And Gives The State Oil Conservation Division And Oil Conservation Commission Exclusive Authority To Regulate Oil And Gas Extraction.” According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, “On a 37-28 vote, the House passed an amended version of House Bill 366, which limits local control and gives the state Oil Conservation Division and Oil Conservation Commission exclusive authority to regulate oil and gas extraction, well siting and processing except on tribal lands.” [Santa Fe New Mexican, 3/10/15]

But she was there for her family… Maestas Barnes concealed her husband’s company has been paid over 440,000 of your tax dollars… and counting

T&D Fortress LLC, A Company That Listing Harry Barnes As Its Registered Agent, Was Paid $91,638 For FY16 Rent By The Human Services Department For A Building In Albuquerque. According to the New Mexico Sunshine Portal, T&D Fortress LLC was paid $91,638 for “FY16 rent of building” by the Human Services Department. [New Mexico Sunshine Portal, accessed 7/13/16]

Harry Barnes, Jr. Was The Registered Agent For T&D Fortress LLC. According to the New Mexico Secretary of State, Harry Barnes, Jr. was the registered agent for T&D Fortress LLC. [New Mexico Secretary of State, accessed 7/13/16]

In Total, The Human Services Department Has Paid T&D Fortress Over $442,000 For Rent Since 2011

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE)An up-and-coming republican state lawmaker who holds a key seat in the New Mexico House of Representatives did not report a $91,000 annual deal to rent space to a state agency, as required by New Mexico’s financial disclosure law for elected officials…

Like all legislators, Maestas Barnes is required to disclose information about how she and her husband, Harry Barnes Jr., make a living. Her first two financial disclosure forms listed income from her work as an attorney and from her husband’s company, Transmission & Distribution Services, LLC. The part of those forms that asks whether an elected official or their spouse has provided “goods or services in excess of $5,000” to a state agency in the prior year is blank for both 2015 and 2016; the lease agreement clearly meets that standard.

But, Maestas Barnes hasn’t been there for our seniors….

She voted to cut 77% of funding from senior programs — money that would have fed needy seniors, repaired senior centers, and provided critical in-home services so our seniors could stay in their own homes and avoid emergency room visits.

Maestas Barnes Voted For SB 159 In 2015, The Severance Tax Bond Projects Bill Which Reduced “Senior Citizen Projects Totaling $8.5 Million” [SB 159, 2015 Fiscal Impact Report, 3/21/15]

SB 159 “Cut 77 Percent Of Funding From Projects For Senior Citizens” And $1.6 Million From A “Critical Home Service Program That Reduces Costly Emergency Room Visits For Seniors.” According to ProgressNow NM and the New Mexico House Democrats, “House Republicans cut 77 percent of funding from projects for senior citizens — projects that would have fed hungry senior citizens and fixed collapsing roofs in senior centers. Over $1.6 million was cut from Los Volcanes, Rio Rancho, and Tijeras Senior Centers, as well as from a critical home service program that reduces costly emergency room visits for seniors.” [ProgressNow NM, 4/8/15]

Republican State Representative Sarah Maestas Barnes. She’s not there for us when we need her, why should we be there for her on election day?

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