Progressive Champion Michael Sanchez: State Senate – SD29


Michael S. Sanchez (b. August 3, 1950) is a Democratic member of the New Mexico State Senate, representing District 29. He was first elected to the chamber in 1992.

Since becoming Majority Leader in 2005, Sanchez had led the Senate.  In 2012, Governor Martinez made Sanchez her top target to unseat and PACs supporting her and run by her campaign manager and operative Jay McCleskey spent an estimated $500,000 to $1 million in negative ads against Sanchez alone.

Sanchez prides himself on his local connections, preferring to start walking door-to-door early so that he can reach every house – including those of Republicans and non-voters – to discuss the issues.

What is he up against?
Since taking over as the majority party in the State House in 2014, Republican leaders have raised more money from corporate and lobbyist interests than in any other time in New Mexico history.

Only a slim Democratic majority in the State Senate have kept some of the more extreme proposals from the Republican agenda from reaching Governor Martinez’s desk.

To help Republicans build their lead, Governor Martinez appointed a Republican to take over a strong Democratic seat covering Santa Fe County and the East Mountains.

Now pro-governor Super PACs are promising to spend millions on negative ads to keep Democratic voters home so they can win 3 more Republican seats.

A Republican Super-PAC- Advance NM NOW – is already running attack ads against Democratic candidates.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • This one Republican Super PAC reported $1.1 million in cash available to attack Democratic candidates for the 2016 elections – most of that money came from a handful of oil and gas companies and lobbyists, according to the Albuquerque Journal.
  • The man behind this PAC is Gov. Martinez’s campaign manager who was recently investigated by the FBI for using shell companies to hide his involvement in campaigns and fundraising for attack ads
  • In 2014, the same group mailed voters in Liz Thomson’s district attacking her for a vote she never took.  When the Albuquerque Journal caught their lie, they refused to apologize or correct the record with voters.

Why does this race matter to the rest of New Mexico?
If Republicans win control of the State Senate and keep control of the State House, New Mexico will be one of the few states in the country where Republicans can run their anti-people agenda unchecked.

Who else is supporting Michael?

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Who is donating to his campaign?

How can I help?

Progressive Champions PAC is mailing voters in this district our endorsement to help voters identify the progressive champion on their ballot.  Each mailer costs about $1 so your $100 donation puts our candidate’s progressive record in front of 100 voters before Election Day.

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