Progressive Champion: Maggie Toulouse Oliver – Secretary of State

Maggie Toulouse Oliver is ready to be New Mexico’s next Secretary of State and after years of mismanagement and even criminal activity in this office, it’s time for a progressive champion to stand up for our right to vote.

As Bernalillo County Clerk, Maggie Toulouse Oliver manages elections in the state’s largest county.  While other county clerks around the country are working to make voting harder, Maggie was recognized by President Obama’s commission on voting access because of her work adding voting convenience centers, online voter information and modernizing election processes.

As Secretary of State, we know we can count on Maggie’s honesty and leadership – and her progressive credentials are unmatched.

Here’s what others are saying about Maggie:

“Maggie Toulouse Oliver has spent years improving voter access and empowering small businesses in New Mexico’s most populous county,” said Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY’s List. “Her nationally-recognized public service shows she has the experience and vision it takes to serve the women and families of New Mexico as Secretary of State.”

“As voting rights have come under attack across the country, women are stepping up to run for Secretary of State to defend that most fundamental right,” Schriock continued. – Emily’s List

Her opponent is a State Legislator who prides herself on being a darling of the Tea Party.  As a State Rep., she led the fight against marriage equality, called for the banning of Hispanic heritage books in New Mexico classrooms and sponsored bills pushed by the Church of Scientology to govern our mental health policies.

Why does this race matter to the rest of New Mexico?

Where do we even start?!  Like voting?  This office matters.

In 2009, New Mexicans elected the first Republican Sec. of State in recent memory.  Dianna Duran went to work building lists of more than 60,000 voters (mostly Hispanic) to investigate for voter fraud. She found none but wasted huge amounts of public resources to do it.

Duran also eliminated ballot options that make it easier for people to vote.  Later charged with more than 60 counts of embezzlement and fraud, she resigned to serve out a jail sentence.

Who we elect matters, especially when we are choosing our state’s chief elections officer.

Who else is supporting Maggie?

  • Emily’s List
  • All Pueblo Council of Governors (New Mexico)
  • Firefighters, Local 244

Who is donating to her campaign?

How can I help?

About 14,000 voters are expected to select this State House Representative. This race was decided by less than 2% in 2014 so turning out every single voter counts.

Progressive Champions PAC is mailing voters in this district our endorsement to help voters identify the progressive champion on their ballot.  Each mailer costs about $1 so your $100 donation puts our candidate’s progressive record in front of 100 voters before Election Day.

DONATE NOW to help this progressive champion.