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Liz Thomson served residents of District 24 in the State House of Representatives until 2014.  A breast cancer survivor and mother of a child with a disability, Liz became a champion for other mothers while serving in the State Legislature.

As chair of the Legislature’s Behavioral Health SubCommitte, she led the fight to protect behavioral health patients statewide and was a champion for restoring services and cuts to our behavioral health system realized after the disastrous dismantling of that system when Governor Martinez improperly accused New Mexico providers of fraud and turned services over to Arizona companies.

Liz was named a MADD Champion Legislator in 2013 for her work to end DWI in New Mexico.

Liz is running to return to her seat representing House District 24 in Northeast Albuquerque.

What is she up against?
Since taking over as the majority party in the State House in 2014, Republican leaders have raised more money from corporate and lobbyist interests than in any other time in New Mexico history.

A Republican Super-PAC- Advance NM NOW – is already running attack ads against Democratic candidates.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • This one Republican Super PAC reported $1.1 million in cash available to attack Democratic candidates for the 2016 elections – most of that money came from a handful of oil and gas companies and lobbyists, according to the Albuquerque Journal.
  • The man behind this PAC is Gov. Martinez’s campaign manager who was recently investigated by the FBI for using shell companies to hide his involvement in campaigns and fundraising for attack ads
  • In 2014, the same group mailed voters in Liz Thomson’s district attacking her for a vote she never took.  When the Albuquerque Journal caught their lie, they refused to apologize or correct the record with voters.

Why does this race matter to the rest of New Mexico?
This House seat has flipped between Democrat and Republican control three times in the last four election cycles.  The Republican incumbent in this seat is leaving his seat at the end of this term. That makes this a top target for the new corporate Republican leadership.

In 2014, a Republican-backed Super PAC sent negative ads attacking Liz for votes she never took.  Once news articles called them on their misleading ads, they refused to apologize.  That same group is back again with a target on this race.

Who else is supporting Liz?

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Who is donating to her campaign?

How can I help?

About 14,000 voters are expected to select this State House Representative. This race was decided by less than 2% in 2014 so turning out every single voter counts.

Progressive Champions PAC is mailing voters in this district our endorsement to help voters identify the progressive champion on their ballot.  Each mailer costs about $1 so your $100 donation puts our candidate’s progressive record in front of 100 voters before Election Day.

DONATE NOW to help this progressive champion.