“Love you guys!”: Nora Espinoza in Scientology video for group blaming 9/11 on psychologists

A Roswell State Rep who will appear at the top of the Republican ticket in 2016 appears in a video saying she walks “hand in hand” with a Scientology commission promoting and end to modern mental health treatment and bizarre 9/11 conspiracies.

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State Rep. Nora Espinoza didn’t sponsor her first bill relating to elections, ethics or any other responsibility of the Sec. of State until after she announced her campaign for that office in 2016.  Then she skipped out on the only vote on her only election bill to come to a vote (it didn’t become law).

But in the nine years since Nora Espinoza first put on her best freedom hat and headed to Santa Fe to represent her Roswell district in the State Legislature, Nora Espinoza has become the champion for some of the most absurd right-wing conspiracies in politics:

Rep. Espinoza introduces bill barring enforcement of gun laws | NM Telegram (2013)

Nora Espinoza, New Mexico Legislator: Keep Mexican-American Studies Books Out Of Schools | Huffington Post (2013)

NM GOP Lawmakers (Espinoza, Gallegos) File ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill Stripping LGBT Protections | NCRM (2016)

But while she was racking up headlines beating up on police, Hispanics and gays, few in Santa Fe noticed her long-term fight advancing the agenda of a Scientology advocacy group that supports the elimination of our modern mental health system and blames 9/11 on Osama bin Laden’s psychiatrist.

“Love these guys!”: Bin Laden’s psychiatrist is to blame for 9/11

In their public report, “Chaos and Murder: Manufactured by Psychiatry. Report and recommendations on the role of psychiatry in international terrorism,” the Citizens Commission for Human Rights, a Scientology advocacy group, claims that psychiatric mind-control techniques create terrorists.

“Ultimately, terrorism is the product of madmen bent on destruction, and these madmen are typically the result of psychiatric or psychological techniques aimed at mind and behavioral control” – CCHM, Church of Scientology

The group goes on to say that Anwar al-Zawahiri, a former top Al Quaeda aide to Osama bin Laden, took a psychology class in college, thus “chillingly prov[ing] the premise that psychiatric or psychological influences are at the heart of international terrorism.” (page 8)

The same group reminds the public that “the brain is not the real cause of life’s problems” and “psychiatry has never established the cause of mental disorders.”

The plan to stop the science of psychiatry starts with… Nora Espinoza.

Eliminating the influence of psychology over our lives requires the elimination of our mental health system, according to the Scientologists behind CCHR. “Any legitimacy given to [psychiatry] as a ‘science’ should be removed,” they continue.

Thankfully, they have a plan to do that and it includes Nora Espinoza.

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“CCHR showed me all the information,” Espinoza says in one video featured prominently on the main page of the Church of Scientology’s website.

“CCHR is an injection, that you aren’t alone anymore,” Espinoza says in another video of her experience with the group that has been accused of operating a cult-like operation.

“Concerned citizens and groups should advocate for legal and policy protections that prohibit psychiatry’s violations of the individual right to be treated with humanity, respect and dignity,” they write in their “Recommendations” section.

On the “Take Action” section of their website, CCHR encourages those interested in destroying psychology  and it’s terrorist influences to spread it’s educational videos and lobby state legislators.

The New Mexico Political Report was the first to report that Espinoza is the only legislator in the country to appear in those videos. Twice.

Secretary of State Candidate Nora Espinoza recently appeared in two promotional videos for a group closely associated with the Church of Scientology that is critical of prescription drug companies.

This February, the Church of Scientology released a video featuring Espinoza praising the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)—an organization founded by the Church of Scientology—for helping her pass legislation in 2015 prohibiting schools and school officials from coercing students into taking medication.

In the video, Espinoza discussed how CCHR helped her pass HB 53, which Gov. Susana Martinez signed into law.

“We drafted it, we worked together with it, to make sure that it was an excellent legislation,” Espinoza said…

Espinoza went on to say that CCHR provided her with information showing ill effects of children taking psychotropic drugs.

In true Scientology fashion, Espinoza blamed psychologists for treating patients and praised the work of the church behind the efforts:

“The psychiatrists have embraced the easy way out in giving [children] medication,” she said…

She appeared in at least two videos put out by the Church of Scientology, including one where she heaps praise on their campaign to end the terrorist-causing branch of medical science.


Screen shot from Scientology video, NMPR

“The Church of Scientology has been at the forefront in taking action on this issue that is very important on a local level and on a national level,” Espinoza said in the video. “They’re hands-on.”

“For you guys to stand and to fight for this—love you guys. Love you guys,” Espinoza said. “That is the reason I walk hand in hand with you and you’ve walked hand in hand with me.”

Espinoza praised CCHR specifically at least six times throughout the video.

Read the full story at NM Political Report (they have the videos there, too). Go ahead, you know you want to.

OH!  Before you go, take a tip from the crazies.

Here’s what CCHR tells people to do after learning of the Nora-led conspiracy:

Donate:  It is through your donations that CCHR is able to carry on with its vital work and human rights campaigns. You can make a one-time donation, a monthly pledge or become a member of CCHR. 

Participate online by joining our social media sites.

They have all the help they want in Nora Espinoza, but if we are going to tell New Mexicans about her we need your help.  So, do as they say: Donate. 


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