Sandoval County – Progressive Voter Guide

How does this work?

  1. Find an issue that matters to you
  2. Find your candidates on your ballot
  3. If they match up, you have your champion and you should vote for them!

Which issues do we follow?

Environmental Champions

Public Education Champion

  • Endorsed by at least 1 of the state’s public education workers unions, including NEA-NM, AFT-NM, ATF

Labor and Working People’s Champion

  • Endorsed by the NM Federation of Labor

Gun Sense Champion

  • Demonstrated record of supporting reasonable background checks for every firearm purchase

Women’s Advocate and Healthcare Champion

Champion for Native Communities

ip_icon_02_ok Progressive Champion Endorsed!

  • Progressive leaders in tight races who are under attack from right-wing negative attack PACs

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House District 23 (Corrales) Special Voter Guide



Judicial Retention

The State’s Independent Judicial Performance Commission provides insight on Judicial retention elections

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